Good News of Great Joy

And the angel said to them, do not be afraid for I bring you good news of great joy. Luke 2:10 Expecting something and receiving it does not diminish the we joy we get from the gift. My kids always write their Christmas list. they pretty much know what gifts they will receive on ChristmasContinue reading “Good News of Great Joy”

Great Home Training

In my current line of work, it is not uncommon for us to encounter certain difficult clients. Very often, the outcome of such events largely depends on our approach, responses, reaction, inaction as well as our silence. During one of my shifts at a service, two separate clients had been informed by workers during anContinue reading “Great Home Training”

That Silly Idea

Why don’t we eat paper? Asked six years old Mara. It’s because our digestive system is not designed to assimilate such material. Replied her mum. But would it not be easier for us to eat paper? She continued. Why do you think so, honey? The mother inquired. Everyone would be able to afford it. NobodyContinue reading “That Silly Idea”

Team (Part 2)

Let me explain this. I held the reputation around the school for being the only class where children actually had the last half an hour of each week on Friday to do whatever they chose to do. This is always after we must had completed our talent show and given out weekly awards to thoseContinue reading “Team (Part 2)”

Team (Part 1)

Some years ago in one of the primary school classes I got assigned to me, I witnessed a bunch of young people who would never be united or work in harmony in whatever activity without strict rules, guidance, monitoring and positive rewards at the end of every session. This carried on for most of theContinue reading “Team (Part 1)”

Social Distancing: children/young people

Hello everyone, hope you guys are keeping safe during this global crisis. May we all come out alive and healthy at the end of it all. Amen Couple of days ago, I had to stop by my sister’s place to drop off a few items on my way to work. I was careful to maintainContinue reading “Social Distancing: children/young people”

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