Thirty Days Already – It can only be God.

I cannot believe that it has been thirty wonderful days since we began this journey of one positive word daily. God is so faithful and awesome. I am deeply grateful for His grace that has been available for me to carry on with this activity. It has not been easy but each day I amContinue reading “Thirty Days Already – It can only be God.”

Who is your biggest fan?

Welcome back to I love Mondays! I trust that you had a pleasant weekend and you are well with your family. I cannot tell because I do not know who my biggest fan is. How do I know if I did not set out to find fans? I wonder where such folks can be found.Continue reading “Who is your biggest fan?”

My Own Cheerleader

Welcome to Monday! The day we declare our desires for each week. How are you and your loved ones? Please do continue to stay safe by practising what is appropriate for you to do so. After many decades of noticing how not many people show that they really do not care what happens to othersContinue reading “My Own Cheerleader”

Good News of Great Joy

And the angel said to them, do not be afraid for I bring you good news of great joy. Luke 2:10 Expecting something and receiving it does not diminish the we joy we get from the gift. My kids always write their Christmas list. they pretty much know what gifts they will receive on ChristmasContinue reading “Good News of Great Joy”


Compliments of the season and Merry Christmas to you all wherever you are located. I hope things are going smoothly for you and your families. What does Christmas mean to you? In the years past, it was a time for family members coming together, festivities, lots of activities, busyness, prices slashed, shopping, presents (wanted andContinue reading “Christmas”

Birthday Blessings

Being my birthday today, it feels appropriate for me to love on all of you my family members, friends, neighbours, colleagues, fellow bloggers and strangers out there; to just speak God’s blessings into all your lives. It is my prayer that whatever you set your hands to do prosper. May this season of favour bringContinue reading “Birthday Blessings”

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