Day 68 Salvation

As a word, salvation is mostly associated with Christianity. It is the state of being saved/delivered from sin and its consequences. It is to be rescued from evil, preserved from things that are negative. I am a Christian; a child of God and I believe that we can be saved through Jesus Christ. Salvation isContinue reading “Day 68 Salvation”

It begins with you.

You are warmly welcome to another episode of our I love Monday series. As we always say, your weekend may have gone great or not so great. That does not mean that you cannot have a fabulous week. It all depends on you. We are keeping it short and sweet today. As we all lookContinue reading “It begins with you.”


Hello, how is your day going? I trust that you and yours are okay. We have all got neighbours. Who is your neighbour? Who do you regard as a neighbour? In my understanding, this is someone who lives next to or close to you. They are situated in proximity to another person. That is yourContinue reading “Day 67 NEIGHBOUR”


This is the state of mind on how we can stay calm or angry. A person’ s disposition or mood at any point shows their temper. If you can remain calm, peaceful and not blow up in the face of abuse, ill-treatment, lies, betrayal and any other unpleasantness, you are, indeed, in control of yourContinue reading “Day 65 TEMPER”


Welcome back to our word for today. This word is mostly applied to the music industry where a combination of notes are put to produce chords that will sound pleasant together. Who would not want the world to be a sort of musical notes that are put together and we all sound pleasant? I wouldContinue reading “Day 64 HARMONY”


Somehow, I have felt unusually strong and full of energy today even though I have had the busiest few days. Obviously, it is the joy of The Lord that is my strength. Glory to God! Normally from our upbringing, we are not taught or encouraged to say things like, ‘I am strong. I am powerful.Continue reading “Day 63 STRENGTH”


I trust that you and your loved ones are doing okay today. We are looking at the word reconcile. Since people must always fall out, have disagreement, argument, fights or quarrels, it is essential for there to be opportunity for reconciliation. We cannot remain in the state of anger forever. So, we look to settle,Continue reading “Day 62 RECONCILE”

It’s day 61 DISCIPLINE

As a verb, discipline means to chastise, punish or reprimand. For this activity, we are looking at it as a noun which means to have self-control or be obedient. This implies that a person has been able to train themselves or cultivated the habit of becoming obedient and to have superb control of themselves inContinue reading “It’s day 61 DISCIPLINE”

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