A Ray of Hope

As I sat down here at home with my church for our online service, the coordinator mentioned that a rainbow was out and not sure if anyone could see it. It was such pure delight to see it from my kitchen window. It was so huge and clear that I could not miss the opportunity of capturing it to cheer up a not so pleasant period of a third much stricter lock down in London.

When it looks like the sun isn’t going to shine anymore, He puts a rainbow in the sky.

Even though I welcome the lock down as it will help to reduce the rapid travel of the deadly disease, my heart continues to bleed for all those lives lost, lives and families devastated one way or the other forever, business/jobs lost and economies crumbling. Hope is dwindling. Joy and peace seem like alien feelings in this elongated season of doom and gloom.

But our ever loving, caring and compassionate heavenly Father decided to plaster the sky over London this morning with His tattoo to reassure us of His presence in all situations. That rainbow in the sky this morning reignited peace, joy and hope in my heart. The lock down will, no doubt, dampen the Christmas spirit but I am confident that whatever comes, God is still in control and will take us safely through. He will also supply all that we will need to handle each and every trial, test or temptation.

I just want to say thank You, God for You know what we need before we even see the lack. I rest in You today knowing that I am safe in Your more than capable arms. Thank You for showing your face plus Your hand through Your signature, the rainbow. Being human, I might still have trepidations over what is apparent if I paid attention to events around me. Nevertheless, I will deliberately also remember always that I have The King of kings, The Lord of the storms, The Lion of the tribe of Judah, The Prince of peace, The Most High God of the universe as my Papa. He has never failed me and will not start now. So, I relax, enjoy the quiet peaceful time at home with my family as we celebrate the coming of our Saviour Jesus all those many years ago.

Wherever you are reading this, I encourage you to not be discouraged by all the negatives that tend to pile up. God is doing a new thing. Watch out for His hand, voice, face, love, peace, joy, and embrace amid everything. If you look closely, you will spot Him in the most unsuspecting event or things. There is hope.

God promises to never leave us nor forsake us. The world may be going through calamities but it is still in the palms of its Creator. Visualise the rainbow as God sitting quietly beside you or holding you in an embrace to comfort you in all that you are going through. He cares for you. He loves you. He wants the best for you. I pray that you do find Him this Christmas.

Stay safe and keep being beautiful, handsome, brave, grateful and positive. Merry blessed Christmas to you and your families.

© Jouyoz Sunday 20th December 2020

Published by jouyoz

Reading and writing are among my life's passion. This blog space affords me the opportunity to bring these two loves of my life to reality. As I learn daily and get inspired, I hope to be able to present fun, innovative, informative, entertaining, encouraging, uplifting and helpful articles that might support just one person out there.

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