My Hidden Time Capsule

Five items which I will put into my time capsule are:

A Bible- God’s guide to mankind

His Word the lamp of my path.
  1. One of my Bibles: I have got few copies of different versions of the Bible. So, I will gladly give one away. This special book will be preserved for someone in the future who would find it and discover the power behind my way of life. May their study of this literature reveal to them the secrets and truths about the One, True God of heaven who gave Himself for all of us. I pray that the peace of God will fill their lives and they will be guided by The Holy Spirit to be light in the darkness that may be present around them. Amen

2. A photo of my complete family: Owing to the fact that I do know definitely that there is no other family on the planet like mine, I would want to preserve at least one photo of my family for someone to find. In finding this photo, they will discover a letter which will give brief but exact details about each member of my precious family members. Any reader would get to know us all and say a prayer on behalf of everyone represented. This is also to depict the importance of loved ones. Millions are alienated from their families due to the global lockdown. I am certain that there are people scattered around the world who would give anything right now to be with cut off family members. One message with this photo is for people everywhere to cherish their family whatever that might mean to them. Bless be the tie that binds our heart! God bless families everywhere.

Family- the foundation of any community

United families give birth to a solid society.

3. A blanket: This item will be placed in my time capsule because it can be used by anyone to keep away cold, insects or to cover nakedness. We never know who might stumble upon this time capsule.


4. A jotter and box of pens/pencils: Being one who loves to write, it is essential for me to want the art of writing to be perpetuated. So, here are some supplies for anyone who may find them handy. It is entirely up to them what they write about. The basic materials have been provided. Did I hear someone say, “Writing by hand will no longer be necessary in the years ahead because technology would have been available to replace it?” Well, in my opinion, the age when handwriting will become obsolete, unnecessary, irrelevant, a thing of the past, that would mean the end of real freedom. The pleasure of reading those sweet words, notes, letters, or to look at a simple picture which were written or drawn by hand can never be fully explored, and the satisfaction which they bring the recipient will never be understood. Long may the art of handwriting live on!

Simple tools yet powerful enough to create extraordinary images.

A bottle of hand sanitizer: Given that this item has become one of the kings of our world today, it is important that I leave one for someone who may find it useful someday. They will be encouraged to cherish life daily without having to stay indoors by force. But to maintain a hygienic routine which in turn might mean a healthy life.

© Jouyoz 26th April 2020

Published by jouyoz

Reading and writing are among my life's passion. This blog space affords me the opportunity to bring these two loves of my life to reality. As I learn daily and get inspired, I hope to be able to present fun, innovative, informative, entertaining, encouraging, uplifting and helpful articles that might support just one person out there.

6 thoughts on “My Hidden Time Capsule

    1. Thank you so much for your support by reblogging my article. It’s my hope that it encourages, motivates or helps someone somewhere some day. You are most appreciated, D’Ebi. Be blessed and do keep safe.


    1. Thanks for the comment. Only after writing did I realise that I did not have a photograph of my complete family members. That is a work in progress that we will begin to work on once this lock down is over. God bless you.


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