God’s Endless Love

The book which has impacted my life so much is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. The manner in which she demonstrated the love of our heavenly Father was so intricately presented that I became so confident that there was nothing I could do that would stop God from loving me.

Even when I fail, I disappoint Him, I abandon my secret place, I apply my own foolish wisdom and fail, I go astray, and ignore His ever available love, God’s love remains the one constant through all seasons of my life. Hallelujah

Now, I am securely grounded in this love that in all devastating experiences I go through, I know that I can always count on Jesus’s love to see me safely to the end.

I will follow Jesus to the end. No turning back.

May God lead people who are struggling to accept love or love themselves to find His unconditional love. Amen

(c) Joy Ozono

April 2020

Happy New Month

Hello everybody, we are in the eighth month of 2021, and it feels like it was only yesterday that we entered this year. Anyway, I am grateful for life, good health and the opportunity to carry on.

I just wanted to stop by and encourage anyone who may be feeling downcast, frustrated and disappointed because they have not achieved all or most of their goals and desires yet. There is no need to feel that way, beloved. Life has not been particularly rosy for the majority over the past one year. Cut yourself a slack.

Rejoice for the breath you have got in you. Many who have passed would have loved to still be here. You are doing simply fine wherever you may be in your grand scheme of activities and timetable for yourself. Keep on working while you can. Cherish each day you get. Love your family and friends. Share your joys and celebrate your wins. Do not give room to anger, sadness, anxiety and depression.

Be determined to outwork and outsmart yourself this month. What have you begun to do that needs to get to the next level? How do you see yourself in one, five or ten years’ time? Keep your eyes, energy, resources and focus on your goals. Pursue them with everything you have got. Pay no attention to naysayers because you will encounter a bunch of them along the way. You are the competition. Out do yourself and keep going. Your success is your inevitable sweet reward.

We made it to this month. God will be with us to see us to the very end. Let us focus on all the good that we have experienced and those that are coming. Be expectant. Our miracle Worker has got many miracles on the way for those who would be patient.

I wish you all the absolute best in this month of supernatural increase on all sides. Happy New Month! Stay connected to God and be alert/alive in your spirit. I love you but Jesus loves you more. Remain under His protection, peace, love and joy always. Shalom

© Jouyoz 1st August 2021

Day 116 Jesus loves you.

Love is something that is universal to all humans. Everyone is actively longing to be loved genuinely. We look to other people to love us. But that is not what we get in some cases.

I present to you the genuine, unconditional love of God. Jesus loves you, my dear friend. You are loved so dearly and mean a lot. You matter to God. Jesus loves you.

The Bible tells me that because we were loved so much by God, He gave Jesus to set us free from sin and hell. Love is available to anyone who is feeling unloved. Love so true and pure exists. You can have it. You are invited. Stop searching all the wrong places for love. Jesus Christ loves you.

I knew you before you were born. I chose you to be Mine. I have loved you from the day I set My eyes on you. You make My heart skip when you mention My name. I grieve when you get hurt by your silly ways and poor choices. I want only the best for you in all things. My love for you cannot be destroyed by anything. If you were the only one on the earth, I still would have given My life to set you free. You mean the world to Me. Come to Me and find rest for your soul. Tons of eternal love from Jesus Christ.

Love awaits you. Waste no more time, dear family and friends. Jesus loves you.

It is my prayer that all people will accept the love of God and be saved. May His protection, peace, love and joy be yours. Amen

Jouyoz 1st August 2021

Day 115 Drop the Pain

Pains are part of our life experiences. If we can, we will do everything to prevent us from going through any painful event.

Why are there folks who drag their pains around wherever they go? The first thing they want you to see is all the troubles of their lives. What they get out of this behaviour is beyond a reasonable mind.

You were terribly hurt by all those horrible things that happened to you or are still going on. You did not ask for them to happen to you. Why prolong their impact on yourself?

Pains test our faith, character and resilience. The lessons learned are numerous. Our threshold for bearing pains differ. So, no need for comparison. Each unpleasant event we go through has an expiry date. None lasts forever.

Let go of the pains, dear friend. You add more burden and hinder your full victory by dragging them around. Hurting people hurt others. Set yourself free. Take that first step of faith to your freedom from all the pains.

God will not put more than we can bear on us. With God’s grace we can handle what comes our way. Learn from your pains and move on. You’ve got the rest of your life to live. Drop the pains.

May God help us to let go of things that have hurt us and limit our progress. Give them all up to Him.

Stay safe as you continue to abide under God’s protection, peace, love and joy. Shalom

Jouyoz 31st July 2021

Day 114 God of Peace

It is my prayer that The God of peace will appear in every situation where people are suffering and going through events beyond their control to restore peace, faith, hope, joy and order.

Whatever your circumstance, tap into this grace and receive divine, total turn around unique to you and your family. Surrender all your sorrows, frustration, worries, pains and fears to the God of peace who alone can fully restore your situation.

As our great God of peace moves, may there be testimonies of healing, deliverance, salvation, revival, promotions, blessings, favour, opened doors and all that people desire.

Do not be left out. God is moving and doing new things. He is the Prince of peace and He is going through the world. Reach out and touch the helm of His garment and be blessed.

O Lord God of peace please visit all those who are searching for You. Let them encounter You in unique ways that only You can orchestrate. I know that I can relax in all circumstances because I know that I have got the God of peace with me. Glory Hallelujah!!

May The God of peace touch you where you wish Him to. Remain in His protection,peace,love and joy. Shalom

Jouyoz 30th July 2021

Day 113 A Little More

There is no doubt that we need many positive things to make life comfortable for us all. What do you think is your little more? Are you doing it?

Everyone knows their abilities. If each applied as necessary, maybe life would be a bit better. What is that thing that you can do a little bit more of? Get busy.

Your little more might be great in my eyes and vice versa. There is no competition just individuals who are willing to contribute their part for the benefit of the whole. Our society might be a better place if enough people just did more of their positive acts.

Your little more could be your gift of kind smile/words/deeds, being generous, patient, reaching out to those abandoned, using your skills/talents to support others, listening, pointing others in the right direction, showing love, etc. Doing a tiny bit more wherever you are can go a long way to make life bearable for many.

We need folks who would be a bit more patient, compassionate, honest, diligent, loving, truthful, peace loving, tolerant, faithful, joyful, generous, gentle, thoughtful, tactful and God fearing. Could you be one?

The call today is for us all to do our little part in transforming our world into a better place. May God direct us to recognise our role to offer our little more to His own glory. Amen

God’s protection, peace, love and joy be with you until I come your way again. Shalom

Jouyoz 29th July 2021

Day 112 Cheer Up

Life is not that bad. Cheer up, my dear family and friends. Things may be tough, extremely difficult. But you are still here. You can get a turn around for the best. So, be glad.

Why does the majority of people find it easier to be unhappy? Is it because people think that there are more events and things to be sad about?

One thing I do know is that what we focus on grows and will appear many times worse or better than they truly are. You can smile through your storms and setbacks because troubles do not always last. Tough and cheerful people do.

Being able to channel your faith, energy, focus and thoughts on those positive outcomes that you desire can help you maintain a cheerful disposition.

The happiest people do not necessarily have all that they want in life. They just know that it is more beneficial to be happy. You can be cheerful in any circumstance. It is always up to you.

I urge you to cheer up. Let not the enemy steal your joy. Be happy. Your miracle is on the way. God is working all things out for your good. Remain in His protection, peace, love and joy. Shalom

Jouyoz 28th July 2021

Day 111 Good Deed

Given the current situation in the world due to the virus attack, we now need more selfless folks who would engage in good deeds. Cast your bread upon the waters. After many days it will come back to you. Ecclesiastics 11:1

People have been and are still showing acts of kindness since time immemorial. Good deeds are the keys that can unlock any door. Let your good deeds speak for themselves. Do what you can. Leave the rewards to the One who knows how to repay.

The rewards for a kind gesture may not come in the manner you desire. Nevertheless, the satisfaction which comes from making life bearable for others cannot be quantified. Your kind gestures never go unnoticed. Keep at it. You are changing the world one life or family at a time.

Focus on doing and being good. Scatter your seeds of kind words, actions, attitudes and decisions. The fruits could be harvested by someone precious to you. A good deed never gets lost. The recipient might forget, but the results will show up with time.

Remember that your kind words or actions are seeds. Focus on sowing and tending. Your bumper harvest is being prepared by God.

Let there be more kindness shown in the world. May God touch more people, organisations and governments to extend and express good deeds to people everywhere. Amen 🙏🏾

Continue to dwell in God’s protection, peace, love and joy. Shalom

Jouyoz 27th July 2021

Day 110 Start Small

Not many people get sudden big breaks in life. Majority have to work extremely hard to achieve the success they have. It takes personal motivation, tenacity, determination, commitment, consistency, faith, discipline, focus, self-belief to start small and keep going knowing that a big break is not cheap.

We have all been endowed with unique talents and skills as well as placed in different families. Some are fortunate to have wealth passed on to them. While others are not. Do you think it is better to keep waiting to to become great somehow than to begin where one is?

We can all start from somewhere. Your small start has the potential of growing exponentially. No need to keep wasting time waiting for the big break. Do what you can with what you have from where you are. Start Small to grow big.

It is great to have huge dreams. However, chase the little dreams that could lead into those great ones. Do your research and see for yourself that most of all those folks who are now popular were once unknown in their days of small beginning.

May God bless the little ideas that would lead to big breaks. May He grant people the patience to pursue their small until the appointed time arrives for colossal success.

Small start, steady steps, slow strides plus smart work, focus and hard work lead to phenomenal success. Keep at what you have begun as I leave you under God’s protection, peace, love and joy. Shalom

Jouyoz 26th July 2021

Are you capable of anything?

Welcome to I love Monday. How are you doing with your family? I trust that you are all safe and well. This week, I am wondering if there are folks who know and understand what they can do and be.

You will agree with me that there is not one person on the earth who has no ability. We have all been designed with some form of skills at certain things. There are some things that only you can do. We may be another or few others who can do that thing. However, you are the only one who can execute it the way you do.

Everybody was born with capabilities but not everyone discovers theirs to apply them. Is that not a waste of life? How could anyone go through life and never fully live up to their full potentials? That is the reality for many folks who live, work, get married, have children, keep working, retire, live in retirement and then pass away. They never unravel that unique gift that was placed in them for the world.

This post addresses your abilities. Yes, you who is reading this right now. What are you capable of? You do have abilities. Have you discovered them all? What are you doing to live in your capabilities? When do you intend to unlock the door to your potential? How old do you think you should be before you can live your life?

Just as we all have gifts, talents, skills and abilities, so also, we have limitations, failures, flaws, weaknesses and shortcomings. The great news is that we do not have to be defined by any of those negatives. What you pay attention to and work on will shine through.

You are urged to begin to focus more on the things you can do. Let this Monday be the last day that you will reduce yourself to anything that does not portray the greatness that you have been born with. You must be deliberate about this to avoid the regrets that some older folks often share. Liberate yourself. Permit yourself to become that phenomenal personality that you do see in your dreams.

There are other people who are dealing with what you have dealt with and are dealing with what you are dealing with. Never feel like you are alone because you are not. If you change your mind, you can change your life. Stop seeking the permission of others to become what God has created you to be.

I ask you again: Are you capable of anything? What is it? When will you do something about it? What is stopping you? If you can answer these questions and be hungry enough to rise from where you are, your journey to greatness will begin. Use what you have to start from where you are. There is greatness in you. Unlock it and get started, my dear friend.

You are encouraged to locate your ability and keep working at it until you use it to impact the world around you. The world is waiting to hear from you. God is waiting to bless the works of your hands. Are you willing to begin?

Do have a most fecund week as you actively chase your capabilities. I look forward to seeing you at the top because the bottom is too crowded. Jesus loves you. Shalom

© Jouyoz 26th July 2021


Joy like a river in my soul. Endless. Unquenchable. Indestructible. Unshakeable. Found only in Christ Jesus. My soul rejoices in the God of my salvation. My heart is bubbling and settled in the unconditional love of God. I have nothing to fear because I know that I can always count on God in all things.

Dear family and friends, I urge you to embrace the attitude of delight. No matter the circumstances of life, your joy is something which the enemy can never control if you do not let him. There is no problem, pain, sorrow or flaw that can replace the deep delight found in the joy of God in our lives.

Put on the garment of praise and delight yourself in the joy of our great God. If you can feel that great joy in all circumstances, you truly know your place in Christ Jesus. Never lose your praise and joy for that is the aim of the enemy. Shame him by rejoicing always as you wait for your victories.

It costs more and takes too much energy to be angry and sad. Find one thing that is working well and jubilate over it to grow your faith and maintain your joy. There is a special grace in being able to rejoice in the midst of unpleasant situations. Ask God for that grace which only He can give. Rejoice in the Lord, O ye righteous… Psalm 33:1

May God help us to maintain our joy as we journey through life in all situations. May His grace uphold us and take us through all things safely to His own glory. Amen

His protection, peace, love and joy are yours now and always. REJOICE

Jouyoz 25th July 2021

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