God’s Endless Love

The book which has impacted my life so much is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. The manner in which she demonstrated the love of our heavenly Father was so intricately presented that I became so confident that there was nothing I could do that would stop God from loving me.

Even when I fail, I disappoint Him, I abandon my secret place, I apply my own foolish wisdom and fail, I go astray, and ignore His ever available love, God’s love remains the one constant through all seasons of my life. Hallelujah

Now, I am securely grounded in this love that in all devastating experiences I go through, I know that I can always count on Jesus’s love to see me safely to the end.

I will follow Jesus to the end. No turning back.

May God lead people who are struggling to accept love or love themselves to find His unconditional love. Amen

(c) Joy Ozono

April 2020


The family is a unit which is an integral part of every society. The parents and children make up this unit. There are extended family members as well. Different groups can be called a family due to the similarity they share in certain aspects. We all in the world belong to some family somewhere.

It is a shame that the family unit has been destroyed by so many issues around the world. The family is supposed to be an entity where one is accepted, loved, cared for, supported, encouraged, nurtured, comforted and protected. A person can function and be themselves in a family. What abound in today’s world is broken fragments of damaged souls, dysfunctional family settings, parents and siblings estranged for years and decades. This is not what God intended for the family. This breaks my heart all the time.

The family is supposed to be a close unit where there is no judgement or any of the anomalies that we see. God is doing a new thing in families around the world. May we be guided and led to release every hurt and pain that we might have received in our families. Let us allow His presence to restore healing, forgiveness, hope, peace, love, joy, communication, support and unity.

We are all related in one way, shape or form in the world as a huge global human family. I hope and pray that the presence of God will continue to move in homes, lives and families to bring back harmony, trust, and all that God desires for families to be. We do not want to see all the mind-blowing atrocities being committed in societies simply because the nurturing nest from the home is no longer there.

Be encouraged to reconcile with your family members. Forgive people and receive forgiveness. As families are put back together, we will see the evidence in our cities, towns, nations and the entire world. Family is indeed everything. Cherish it. God bless all families all over the world. Amen

© Jouyoz 6th May 2021

Day 28 Be fruitful

We are looking at being fruitful today. To be fruitful means to be productive; bear fruits according to your works. It also means to make progress, grow, improve and get better. We are meant to move from one area of our lives to another in the positive direction.

As instructed in the Bible, we are meant to be fruitful and multiply. So, when you are fruitful you do not remain where you are. You move forward; you produce more of something that is good. Fruitfulness is supposed to be a product of our lives that comes naturally. We must be progressive. This should manifest in everything we do.

If you wish to be fruitful, you should put things in place that will produce the fruits you desire. We must be fruitful in our behaviours, actions, day-to-day activities in our jobs, careers, businesses, professions, relationships and so on. Instead of all the wickedness, animosity, racism, ruthless behaviour/actions towards other people, let us show better fruits that will unite people everywhere.

Allow the Creator to guide us to live right and be prolific as we abide in the Vine. In our own human mind, we will make mistakes. But being connected to God will help us produce great results.

Is your life fruitful enough? Find the areas that need to flourish and work on them. May we move in this month of May to bear positive fruits in all we do. Amen

© Jouyoz 5th May 2021

Day 27 GRACE

This is one word that is often taken for granted by many of us. But it is always available for us whether we realise it or not. We carry on in life as if we are absolutely in control of everything and the outcomes. I do not know about anyone else. What I do know is that my life is a miracle by the grace of God. Everything, every experience and encounter year in, year out has been by God’s grace.

I have no idea what you are going through. I do not know the experiences you may have had. I am here today to tell you that the grace of God is sufficient. You may be going through pains, hard times and terrible situations that make you feel like you cannot take anymore. His grace is available. Call on Him to come and help you.

It is important that we extend grace to people around us. We get hurt and offended by others sometimes deliberately; sometimes inadvertently. It is a part of life. Let us show mercy, favour and release grace towards people around us.

For those who are going through tough, terrible times, may God’s grace flow abundantly into your situation to, not only get you through safely, but to also give you complete victory. Do not give up. Hold on. Hang in there because your miracle is heading your way. Amen

His grace is sufficient… 2nd Corinthians 12:9

© Jouyoz 4th May 2021



The stranger is that person who is not a member of your family or part of your friendship group already. We do not know them and never plan to meet them. These are people we encounter daily in our walks of life. They are everywhere. We meet them on the street, train stations, in public transport, at the gas station, in the shop, at the airport, at work, in school and in the neighbourhood.

Every single person who is not related to you is a stranger. I am looking at this word because the stranger today will become a best friend tomorrow. I have a lot of folks who were once strangers to me in the past. They have become bosom friends for many decades. They are people I can trust and count on.

Let us look out for those people we encounter, receive and treat them with kindness. We pass by them always. Some of them are constant part of our daily lives. That stranger you do not know today could be the one who would be there for your when you least expect.

We are strangers ourselves to people. Spread harmony. Find that constant stranger around you as you engage in different activities daily. Give them a smile, a wave, a nod or a word of compliment. Make people feel comfortable where you are. We do not need to have any reason to demonstrate love, kindness or live peacefully with other people. Just do it because we are all human beings.

May we be empowered to recognize people and let them know that they are cherished because we are here on this planet to make it a better place for all of us. Remember that some people have entertained angels without knowing simply because they received a stranger. God bless you and keep you safe. Amen.

© Jouyoz 3rd May 2021

Why love Mondays?

You are welcome back to another edition of my series of I love Mondays! I trust that you and your family are doing great.

I think it is important to remind us about why I love Mondays after many months of flaunting it on this blog space.

Since Monday is the first working day of each week, it is not usually the best day that majority of people look forward to. I have had colleagues who turned up to work feeling wasted due to the busy weekend which they had had. I have hung around folks who (all they did) was moan about how miserable they felt about this blessed day.

Being one of the most optimistic people in the world, I had no issues with any day of the week. In my opinion, there are not enough days for me to condemn any. I had to find a way to accommodate that one day which tended to be the most dreaded. Candidly, I have always looked forward to those popularly recognised new beginnings (such as New Year’s Day, 1st of each month, my birthday and the start of the school academic year in September) at various points in the year. I then wondered why Monday was not part of that list because it is the start of a new week only that it comes round more often than all the others.

Monday signifies new, fresh, start, beginning, opportunity, opening and second chance. Although we can not fully forget the past, we can be deliberate about how we view each new beginning we wake up to. Anticipate only the best outcomes. Remind yourself that many others who would love to be here are not due to no fault of theirs.

Waking up on a Monday morning helps me know that God is not done with me yet. I have been granted another opportunity to carry on, improve upon, alter, amend what I began in the past or start afresh. The week or weekend prior to this day may have been tough. Nevertheless, you made it alive and well. Use it to your advantage. Set the tone for the rest of your week. Declare the positives that you wish to see occur.

These ordinary but powerful mindset and dispositions have radically transformed my entire life for the best. I do understand that we were all wired differently and would not see things from the same perspective. However, we all do desire to make progress and see the best outcomes of our endeavours.

Be reminded that whether you think that you can or cannot, you are correct. Say what you see until you see what you say. If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hand. Cultivate a positive attitude towards all circumstances. It is much easier to be happy than to not. I love Mondays and nothing will change that to the glory of my God.

You are urged to enjoy today as a gift. Savour each moment as you look with hope into what the future holds for you. Give yourself time to get used to having a different but better feeling about Mondays. Here is to a fabulous day and an incredibly prosperous week. May God’s peace be with you and yours until I come your way again. Amen

© Jouyoz 3rd May 2021


It is a privilege to have the ability to choose. The only time we are not able to choose is when we are born, the family we are born into and when we die. We can make choices just about everything else. This ability to choose tends to have done more harm than good. This is because too many folks have resorted to deciding on the negative.

Our life today is the result of the choices which we made in the past. Think about where you are now. If you wish to have a better life and result, you must make better choices.

We choose our career, who we get married to, the food we eat, the part of the world we wish to reside in, our faith, etc. The call today is for us to be people who make the best choices in all things. There is so much hatred/racism in the world and division. The world needs people that will make choices that will result in positive.

The choice is ours to make all the time. Choose love. Choose peace. Choose harmony. Choose unity. Choose to accept diversity in any shape or form. Choose hope. Choose happiness. Choose a healthy lifestyle. You have the power always.

Some of us take up nasty habits due to peer influence. But at the end of the of the day, you made the decision without force. It is a choice all the time. The outcomes of our choices often do not stop with us. They affect our families, friends, neighbours and societies. We must learn to make the best choice.

There is always an intense pull towards the negative but if you are determined to see better results; to see positive you will decide differently. Our right choices will make the world a better place. It may not be easy but as we step out to purposely choose to do right, we reduce the impact of negativity on our planet.

May people, leaders and governments everywhere be guided to make wise decisions for the best outcomes. Amen

© Jouyoz 2nd May 2021

Cabbage, Mushroom and Chicken Stew

Being one who derives pleasure in cooking and a lover of great home cooked meals, I enjoy creating my own set up where food is concerned. It is quite common for me to knock up a storm by just combining all sorts of ingredients. This is one of such personal creations.

Ingredients: 1 medium size white cabbage thinly sliced; mushroom cut in medium sizes; chicken breast cut into thin strips; 2 medium size onions/4 spring onions/ half of a big leek all sliced finely; small pack of beans, washed and cut in half; 4 small celery sticks sliced; fresh basil just for aroma; one cooking spoonful of Olive oil; two chicken Knorr cubes (melted in hot water) and salt for seasoning


  1. Pour the oil into a heated pan and add the mushrooms. Stir fry until it a bit brown and the mushroom gives out its water. 
  2. Add the chicken breast and stir until cooked then throw in onions, spring onions and leek. Allow to fry for three minutes.
  3. Now, add the celery plus the Knorr cube stock and allow to simmer for two minutes.
  4. Finally, include the cabbage and salt to taste. Cover the pan and allow to steam for five minutes.

This can be served with white rice, plantains (boiled/roasted/fried) or roasted potatoes/carrots/parsnips. It is pure heaven on a fork!!!

Note: The bulk of the labour is in slicing the ingredients. However, once the design was presented, the work put in was worth it. I hope someone can try it for a change from the normal sauces and stews that we are used to.

Do have a most pleasant Sunday staying safe with your loved ones.

© Jouyoz 2nd May 2021


Shout out to all the fearless folks out there. Most of the world has demonstrated unbelievable courage given how the world is struggling under the stomping pandemic.

Courage, in my understanding is the ability to remain consistent, patient, focused, dedicated, committed, disciplined, faithful, diligent in whatever situation we find ourselves. Being courageous is not only when we have everything we want. To remain courageous in unpleasant circumstances is not easy. But we hang in there; we hold on because we know that in the end victory will be ours.

You keep fighting and working hard because your whys are far greater than any temporary pain or set back. What a star!!!

I see you and I salute your bravery. Look around you today. Commend, send out praise and appreciation to people you know who must have shown courage in different situations. That single mother looking after her children alone. That family member who dares to step out of their comfort zone. You go out of your way to do what you have not done before. All that is courage which is not an easy ability, but we display this daily in all we do.

Do know that you are audacious. Continue to be so. Nothing can stop you. Your courage today will give you the results that you are looking for tomorrow. We have not been given the spirit of fear but that of power, love and a sound mind. You are courageous. Be blessed now and always. Amen

© Jouyoz 1st May 2021

Miraculous May 2021

You are warmly welcome to the second month in the second quarter of 2021. I do hope that you have had a fab run in April like I did.

If there is a time that the world needs more miracles, that time is the current one we are living in. News and rumours of devastating effects of different occurrences around the world reach us daily. Very often, we begin to panic and our hearts fail. We worry about what is going on, why, how and when these anomalies would come to an end.

Individuals, corporations and governments are scampering as they try to race against time seeking solutions on how to bring the pandemic under control. Many other unpleasant situations are ravaging different societies. The suffering of humanity tends to have multiplied on all fronts.

I come to you on this first day of May 2021 to let you know that all is not lost. Yes, all evidence around you point to the fact that you can never get out of that situation victoriously. It is absolutely hopeless as many are feeling right now.

Stop for a moment. Let me distract you briefly. Remember when the children of Israel were sandwiched between the red sea and Pharoah’s army? What about when Esther and her people were going to be massacred? How about the three Hebrew boys who were thrown into the fiery furnace and Daniel in the lion’s den? Do you have any idea how any of those situations ended? Let me remind you. All those people received divine miracles from all the deadly conditions they found themselves.

Be reminded that the God who did it for them is still the same today, tomorrow and forever. It does not matter the magnitude of your situation. Just fix your eyes and cast your mind upon Jesus Christ. Release all the problems to God. Allow Him to do for you what only He can do. Read Psalms 126:1-2

I see a blissful month of May. The miracles that have lined up are so mind blowing that the natural mind cannot comprehend how they were possible. Prepare yourself. Get in position. Clear your home to make room for all that are coming your way. All you must do is believe, be expectant, declare your desires in faith and receive them all to overflowing abundance.

Happy miraculous May in all areas of your life and family. Amen

© Jouyoz 1st May 2021


I have no idea what your situation is, currently. Everyone in the world is going through one thing or the other that they wish would be over. Things are happening; people are experiencing conditions that deserve divine intervention.

I bring you glad tidings that the healing power of God is moving right now. We are asking God to bring healing, change, transformation that people desire to see in their lives. Let the chains of afflictions sicknesses, diseases, sins, sorrow, depression, pains and wickedness be broken from our world.

We want to see the healing force sweep through lives, homes, families, cities and nations to cause radical turn around. Tap in and receive as you desire. May this power be evident in your life and family today.

Release all your sorrows to The One who can use them to bless you.

Be healed on Jesus mighty name. Amen 🙏🏽

© Jouyoz 30th April 2021

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