God’s Endless Love

The book which has impacted my life so much is Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers. The manner in which she demonstrated the love of our heavenly Father was so intricately presented that I became so confident that there was nothing I could do that would stop God from loving me.

Even when I fail, I disappoint Him, I abandon my secret place, I apply my own foolish wisdom and fail, I go astray, and ignore His ever available love, God’s love remains the one constant through all seasons of my life. Hallelujah

Now, I am securely grounded in this love that in all devastating experiences I go through, I know that I can always count on Jesus’s love to see me safely to the end.

I will follow Jesus to the end. No turning back.

May God lead people who are struggling to accept love or love themselves to find His unconditional love. Amen

(c) Joy Ozono

April 2020

Mobile Phone (Haiku)

You’re an essential                                                                                                                  item on whom too many                                                                                         depend to survive.

Your advent was a                                                                                                                 welcome innovation. No                                                                                                                  life outside of you.

A master truly                                                                                                                         you’ve become over many                                                                                         lives around the globe.

Staying connected                                                                                                                                     is made much simpler by your                                                                                                 presence in our world.

Sun up to sun down                                                                                                                most living souls stay glued to                                                                                                           one brand or other.

Have we created                                                                                                                          a thing that would one day bring an                                                                                               end to human life?

I do not know and                                                                                                                        cannot tell. But I do know                                                                                                     that the mobile phone

Will continue to                                                                                                           be a veritable part                                                                                                            of humanity.

© Jouyoz March 2021

You Decide

As this month of splendid moves takes off, we are expected to adjust, adapt and overcome to win.

What will you alter to secure your win? I think anything that you have diligently done for so but long but never really got the results you were looking for must be gotten rid of.

How hard will you work? My suggestion here is ten times harder than you have ever worked as well as more than everybody else around you.

You will agree with me that those who are successful repeatedly invested hard work. They tried different ways until they embraced success.

Your success or the lack of it depends solely upon you, my friend. It doesn’t matter how rosy and authentic your excuses may sound. The decision to succeed is yours.

There are a gazillion things one can do from wherever they are to get them from point A to B. Until you make up your mind on the path you wish to take, the story stays the same, I’m afraid.

Be encouraged to make that all important decision on the best way forward into the different results you desire to achieve. Do not give in to doubt or discouragement. Just believe and keep going. Your success awaits you.

Many blessings are yours for stopping by today. Remember always that God’s strength is made perfect in our weakest point. May your day be pleasant. 💐💥

@Jouyoz March 2021

Magnificent March

You are warmly welcome to this first week in the month of March. No stopping us; the train is moving. Get your acts together and join in. March will indeed be splendid for those who plug in and work hard to achieve.

I consider today to be double blessings as we continue our series on, I love Monday. We begin a new month and the working week in style as we declare our affirmations for what we desire to see occur in the week and month ahead.

We hit the third month of 2021. A year most of the world could not wait to arrive given how last year turned out. Now, it is here and racing on. This post is a simple reminder of the resolutions (for those who made some) and goals that were drawn up at the end of 2020. Whatever you do, let those goals remain in your vision.

I declare that the month of March will be magnificent for me in all areas of my life according to my grind. It is not enough for me to speak. I must go to work! This week, I have to outwork my results from last week. I am going to press forward and do everything I can to make this week and this month more successful than last week and last month.

I speak life into my business. Everything I set my hands to do shall prosper. Whatever setback that shows up on my journey this week/month will become steppingstones to my greatness. No time to lament and be miserable because I will be too busy working on my goals to achieve them all.

It is well with me. it is well with my entire family. It is well with my health. It is well with my job. It is well with my business. It is well with my friends. It is well with my community. I rise to victory as I stay connected to The Source of my life. I am not afraid of what the future holds because I have the One who holds tomorrow in His hands as my Father. Glory to Jesus. Amen!

Join me to make these affirmations over your own life and endeavours. We shall testify to God’s glory this week and in the month ahead. I wish you a truly marvelous week/month packed with tangible results. Remember that your words have life. Order them to work for you. May God’s peace be with you until we meet again.

© Jouyoz 1st March 2021

Fly February

Hello everyone, how are you and your family doing? I trust that all is well with you. It is my prayer that you have a breakthrough as is relevant to your peculiar needs.

February, the second month of this year, 2021, is finished. It does not feel real because we only just began the year. However, we are here now, and we must go on as February flies into the pages of history never to be repeated.

Are there habits, behaviours, actions, tendences, traits, beliefs, fears, that have bedeviled you? Will you release them to fly with February into oblivion? Would you let them go or would you continue to nurse them like a stubborn wound? Whether we like it or not, we will never see this month again as it was. Many more Februarys will come but they will not be like this fleeting one. Set yourself free from unhealthy ways.

This is also a check for anyone who feels like the year is racing on and they still have not made up their minds on what they want or how they would like to end the year. I encourage you to start right where you are now. Begin to assess what you want and where you wish to go. Are there any changes you may need to implement to achieve your desires?

You are urged make a start right now. Remember that the past can never be changed no matter how much we tried to. The future may never come to us. But the present is what we have got. So, we make the most of it to enjoy it as we wait for the future to arrive. Please if you are not sure, ask questions on how to begin. Help is available if you look in the right places.

It is my prayer that as the month of February rolls away, may all those fears, ideas, events and things that made us apprehensive and kept us awake at night pass away with it. May we be empowered to look beyond any limitations to God for the way forward into majestic month of March 2021. Amen

I wish you the absolute best in the coming month as you stay focused, keep your hope alive and connect to The Lord of heaven on your journeys. Many blessings are yours. Stay safe. Shalom

© Jouyoz 28th February 2021

Misconstrued Gratitude

Few days ago, I posted my usual daily gratitude post on Facebook. That post was purely centered on a song which has completely taken over my life currently. A line or two from that song was published in that thanksgiving post. The song is titled Living Hope by Phil Wickham for anyone who wishes to just rejoice about our salvation.

Not long after posting that update on my wall, messages began to pour in from family and friends. Many of the messages simply said amen or some other statements to agree with my declaration in that post. However, there were a few that directly asked if everything was okay with me. Some actually contained prayers for my safety and all.

I was taken aback by the assumption of some people that I was giving thanks simply because I had escaped a misfortune. Although I was glad to hear from everyone who responded to that post, it was a confirmation that majority of folks often only express thankfulness when they have experienced a blessing, breakthrough, success, progress, promotion, growth or escaped a devastating event.

As I must have mentioned previously, gratitude is my attitude towards life. My decision to say thank You to God daily from January 2021 is not taken lightly. I have carried on doing just that each day I wake up.

Things may not go the way I desire them to go. Unexpected setbacks, unfulfilled dreams, unpleasant occurrences may occur. Nevertheless, my posture in general will not be dampen or altered by anything. I am in control of my responses. So, I have chosen to maintain an attitude that offer appreciation every opportunity I get and in all circumstances.

I do know that being thankful has a way of opening doors that have been shut. I may not have my desires and goals met yet. But I will continue to rejoice, celebrate those wins until I see them manifest in the physical. It is much easier to be happy than to be sad. Therefore, the next time, anyone sees me break into a dance, sing a song, or shout praises to God, it is purely because that is my default setting as I remain on this side of eternity.

You are encouraged to cultivate a carriage of gratitude which has the tendency of delivering your expectations as you wait patiently. Do not allow other people’s prospects dictate your reactions. Keep being yourself. Send out those praise words regularly and watch your story change. Let us also learn to rejoice and celebrate others when they display thanks regardless of the reason behind it.

Thank you for pausing by my blog space today. Philippians 4:6 … give thanks always. Rejoice for what you have and where you are on your way to what you want and where you desire to be. I leave you with God’s peace, love and joy. Be protected, blessed and beautiful until I come your way again.

© Jouyoz March 2021

My Safe Space

God is my safe space. I know that I can always run to Him in any situation. Wherever I am, with whomever, I will find safely, security, shelter, love, peace, joy, comfort, truth, compassion, forgiveness and hope.

Help me to be a vehicle through which God’s love is shared, expressed and encouraged for others to see.

Can I urge you to connect to God and release your cares, worries, hurts, sorrows, heartaches, shame, and weakness to Him? You will not be judged. Rather, you will be uplifted and loved beyond any manner you may never have experienced before.

I am reminded daily that I am never alone. Thank You, God, for being my place of safety and refuge at all times and seasons of life. Amen

You are appreciated for stopping by my blog today. May you find sanctuary in God. Have a blissful day. Shalom

@Jouyoz February 2021

Patience (Haiku)

A state of being calm                                   during any turbulence                                                                                  knowing I will win.

A champion’s great skill                                                                                         applied often to portray                                                                                            years of discipline.

Patience pays. Use it.                                                                                                         The reward is superb if                                                                                              swift pleasure is trounced.  

© Jouyoz February 2021

Who said you can’t?

It is another Monday being alive and well. We enter into this day and new week knowing that we are in control of how they turn out for us.

Who have you been listening to? Who told you that you could not do xyz? Was that your parents, your siblings, your teachers, your coaches, your friends, your classmates, your colleagues, strangers? Alternatively, did you say that to yourself?

I come your way to suggest that you cease from telling yourself or listening to others who tell you that you cannot do something. You have listened for so long to those negative words. They have become severely active in your life that you now see them as the constant norm. Things do not have to remain that way. Who told you that you can’t?

As is our tradition here at I love Mondays, the intention is to get you started on the journey of viewing yourself and your life from a better perspective and focused lenses. The past does not matter. Yes, you had listened and patterned your life around those poor views that you had been exposed to. The good news is that you are here now, reading this. As a result, the change you so rightly deserve is imminent. Wait for it; get started on the road to full recovery.

You have heard more than enough ‘You can’t’ to last you many lifetimes. Let us exorcise such statements from your subconscious and drop them in the sea of forgetfulness never to be remembered. It does not matter who it was that told you are a failure; you cannot make it; you are no good; you will never achieve those goals you shared with them; you were destined to remain a mediocre; your dreams are bigger than you are; you cannot grow to become successful; you cannot become the manager; you cannot run a business; everything you touch collapses. The Pacific Ocean is not long enough in comparison to your list of your unachievable dreams.

Having paid heed to all those naysayers for awfully long, it is high time you began to reconsider who and what you allow into your life. You will agree that not much have been achieved thus far although you knew that there is more you could do. You can feel it strongly that you were born to be more. Nevertheless, you simply cannot understand what is limiting you.

It is no accident that you are reading this blog post today. Your time to be liberated is now. You are no longer bound to what others have said to/about you in the past. I declare on this blessed Monday 22nd February 2021 that your time has come. You must deliberately cut out all voices of descent and negativity from your life and space. Remember that for you to be elevated, you must separate yourself sometimes.

Whoever told you that you could not had no idea what your future holds. They could not have predicted accurately how your life would turn out. You simply listened to them and allowed your life to be dominated by their wrong proclamations for you. However, all that is past now. You are coming out. You understand the importance and power of words. Therefore, you are taking charge of your own life. You no longer listen to such words.

Being the first day of this new week, I join you on this maiden trip into a brand-new you. I am rooting for you and do believe that you will succeed. You just need to believe in yourself completely. God has too much in store for you to waste any more time paying attention to worthless noise around you. You can change the outlook of your life from this day. Begin to declare positive daily. Your words have life and power. Use them to order your life in the right direction.

No matter what anyone had said, you can go on to achieve all that were designed for you. All you need is a little bit of self-belief, focus, consistency, commitment to get better with a workable plan and putting the plan into action. You can do this. We leave the past where it belongs and enter our new beginning.

What you say to yourself matter the most. Always remember that. I hope you can forget the past to move on to your fresh start. Ask God to guide and help you be strong for yourself and stay connected.

Wishing you a wonderful week of success on your path to discovering the best version of yourself. Keep celebrating your wins each day you take little steps. May God’s joy, love, peace and protection until I come your way again.

© Jouyoz February 2021

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